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Posted on: March 19, 2010 8:11 am


Will yesterday's losses by Notre Dame, Georgetown and Marquette in day 1 send a loud message to Syracuse, West Virginia, Pitt and Louisville?  Let us not forget the disputed ending to the Villanova game in overtime as well.  Unlike a majority of the media and some of the fan bases, I have not viewed the Big East conference as the "super power" this season that many would have you believe it is.  Yes, I think it is one of the better conferences in the country but I certainly don't view the Big East in basketball as I view the SEC in football.

Did yesterday's results wreak havoc on my brackets?  Sure they did, and I am sure it probably did the same to many of your brackets out there in "Big Dance" land as well.  My view is that the media is the center of the problem here in building up this perception (or misperception if you will), just as they have done in the past with Big Ten football (until the conference redeemed itself last year during the bowl season).  That was not meant to be a cheap shot at your conference Big Ten fans, just my opinion that sometimes conferences are overrated just based upon past history and it does take a while before perceptions change.

Maybe this should serve as a signal to the Big East that the conference doesn't need 16 basketball schools, and that the conference as a whole would benefit more by having 10 or 12 schools with both football and basketball programs.  Anyway, I'm hoping that day 2 results are a lot more satisfying for Big East fans than yesterday's choke-fest.

Regardless of the outcomes, the Big Dance is still exciting to witness.  Best of luck to all of those teams and fans which are still dancing and may the best team win!

Let's Go Mountaineers!

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